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Warm Bodies – Dead Cold Business

You have to always remember that it’s a business. Whether it is your business, a family business, or a corporate business, it’s still a business.

Having made that point clear, filling a position is more difficult than it appears. That leads us to positions being filled by warm bodies, but the business itself is dead cold.

The colleges across the nation are churning out better than one-and-a-half million graduates annually and on top of that the unofficial guesstimate of twenty-five million unemployed and you, as an employer, have quite a field from which to choose.

Of course, we could add to that pile, all of the people who are working and are seeking to move to another field, relocate for family reasons, or looking to apply their talents to their current employer’s competition roster.

It’s common, as an interviewer, to almost taste the eagerness of the job candidate on the other side of the desk. Don’t get blinded by the eagerness, the smile, the willingness to agree, or the well-phrased answers to your questions to just select a warm body to fill the position and get the process over with.

There’s work to be done on your part and yes, sometimes, it’s difficult to fit an applicant into your schedule face-to-face. However, it is better to exert your energies during the interview process and choose the right person, than it is to deal with all the problems the wrong hire can create.

Interviewing job applicants is never easy, because it’s difficult to get the whole picture when you’re squeezed for time or have dozens of people to speak with.

Here are some questions and reasons for the questions which should help to fill in some of the puzzle pieces before you make a hiring decision. I repeat, it’s a business.

Do you have any friends or family in this line of work?

This question will let you know if they were encouraged to apply. This will also have you wondering whether or not the applicant will stick around after you train them on your dime.

What’s to stop them from sharing your inner-secrets with those same friends and family members who work for your biggest competitor? Don’t be afraid to ask them why they haven’t applied to one of your competitors where a friend or family member works. Maybe they have, but were rejected. Red flag.

Do you really want to make a career out of the widget business?

People being interviewed are nervous. For you, it’s good that they are, because they may cough up an answer you weren’t expecting. Better yet, they may blurt out what they are really thinking or what their real motive for applying for the position is.

You’re new to the job market, why us?

Recent graduates who really aren’t sincere and are only reacting to the pressure to get a job to pay for those school loans and a list of other expenses are really going to struggle with an answer to that question.

If we select you, we’re going to invest a lot of time and money into training you. So, are you up for the challenge of longer than normal hours and studying outside of the office on your own time?

The weak ones will lose it here. You’ll see it in their eyes and they’ll look at the floor. If they ask how much time or question outside of the office study, you’ll know that they’re not in it for the long haul.

Now this is a trick question, but it will get you a decision-making response.

We have a range of positions that we will be considering new hires for, so, we would like to know if you think you would work better in a group, or given a project, would you prefer to handle it solo and at your own pace?

This will cut through whether or not they’re a team player, establish a confidence level if they choose solo, and reveal whether or not you’re going to be doing some hand holding.

Just one last question.

We’re exploring the opening of a facility out of the area. Would you be willing to relocate in a year or so if we brought you aboard?

Get ready for the sick parents, children in school, boyfriend, girlfriend, relationship, and family concerns. Make your decision accordingly.

I have been on both sides of the interview desk, but I will admit that I shied away from some positions, because in order to grow with the company, it entailed moving.

The message is simple: The corporate ladder isn’t anchored in cement, it has wheels.

And remember, it’s a business.

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