How-To-Tell-If-Youre-Stuck-In-A-Dead-End-Job-And-What-To-Do-If-You-Are Self Improvement Equals Success

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Self Improvement Equals Success

There are a lot of people who have dreams ambitions and goals. Sometimes these are just “daydreams” that people never hope to attain. But have you ever asked yourself, “What’s standing between my Goals and me?”

Your answer is simple: Knowing how to take action that will lead you to these ends. Self Improvement is a step by step plan to maximize your potential.

Internal Focus

How do you look at the world? Why does this matter? It matters in terms of how successful you’re likely to be. Successful people realize that THEY act on LIFE: Life doesn’t act on them. It’s an outlook, really. If we believe that the external environment is choosing for us, then our success isn’t up to us, is it? To a certain extent, luck and timing may be factors in how we become successful, but they don’t really direct us. We have to direct ourselves.

So, do we believe we can choose to be successful? You must believe that above all else. It’s called “Internal Focus” and what it means is that anyone who believes he can go after what he wants and learns what skills he needs to get there, will succeed, most of the time.

What Do You Want?

Modern life has become very hectic. Some of us barely have time to breathe, let alone think of what we want. What good is life if we aren’t motivated to get what we want? Dostoyevsky once told a tale about Ivan Illiych. Ivan was dying and on his deathbed, suddenly realized, he’d none NOTHING he really wanted to do. Needless to say, it was way too late and Ivan was not a happy camper! Don’t be like Ivan.

Starting thinking about how you will attain what you want. Many of us have not really gotten to the point where we even know what we really want.

It’s time to take TIME to do that, before it’s too late. There’s a lot of planning that goes into attaining anything of importance and you need time to plan. You also need time to carry out. You also need time to learn the skills you need to get what you want. That learning of skills is what self improvement is all about. Self improvement, like learning any other skill, will take time.

Learning and Growing

Most of our lives we are learners who are learning, in one way, shape or form. But there are many of us who don’t “choose” what they want to learn.

In grammar school you learned what the teacher taught you. You’re grown now and, guess what; you can choose to learn what you want.

In every area of our life, we have choices and we must realize that and allow ourselves the best possible future we can have. Many people, stuck in dead end jobs they don’t like, may be “comfortable” financially, but are they happy?

Why not make the choice to learn how to make yourself happy. Move towards goals that you aspire to, through self improvement.

A Growing Process

if we don’t grow, we really aren’t living. Take the example of a tree in summertime, that up until now, has been fed and watered properly. Suddenly, its owners move away and it’s left to fend on its own. It may rain and be okay, but what if it doesn’t? The tree will, most likely, shrivel up and die. The same is true of our learning experiences. The moment we decide not to learn anything new, it’s the beginning of the end for us.

Any learning experience should be fun and self improvement should be fun as well. Each time we learn something new, our personality widens with our experience and we’re able to do more than we previously did.

A life of self improvement really means making ourselves better as we go. The more we learn about things, the better prepared we are to do what’s needed. You can get stuck in a boat on the water, if you don’t know how to properly paddle. The same holds true in life. We must prepare ourselves well for what it is we’re seeking, if we are to be successful. The more information we know about ourselves, the better able we are to select options that are good for us.

It’s All Up to Us

Ultimately, we decide who we want to be and where we want to go. Why not make the journey to success, having all the information we can use? Why would anyone deliberately choose to be “less “than who he is? Why would anyone choose to be unsuccessful? It doesn’t make a bit of sense does it? Our journey in life should be all it can be and we need to be all we can be to life our lives fully and without regret. We don’t want to find out in the end that we could have been more, like poor Ivan. Self improvement and success are related, you see. Your biggest asset is growth: in who you are and what you want to be successful at.

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